Australians love their solar and want to see more of it. We want a sun-powered future, but to convince our politicians we need to show just how many of us there are. 

We want to see pledges from each and every solar owner and supporter in Australia. It's a big job but if everyone pitches in, we can do it. 

Can you help us spread the word in your community? Chances are most people you know either have solar, or want solar - and you're the best person to help us reach them. 

All you have to do is ask 5 friends, family members or neighbours to take the pledge to Stand Up For Solar.

Step 1:  Download and print a copy of the Stand Up For Solar flyer. It's got all the information you need and a handy form for recording the pledges you collect. 

Step 2: Have the conversation. Ask 5 friends, family members or neighbours to Stand Up For Solar with you, and record their details on the flyer.

Step 3: Register their pledges online in the form below. You'll be awarded 5 Solar Points for every pledge you register. The more pledges you collect, the higher you'll climb on the Solar Champions Leaderboard!