So you're having a Solar Shindig? This page has all the information you'll need to get started. Remember, it doesn't matter how big or small it is, whether it's a BBQ or an afternoon tea - just make sure it happens between the 18th - 24th of July, and that you get in touch with your MP. 

It's going to be a week full of impact, fun and sunshine - so let's get cracking. Happy Shindig!

First thing's first. Register your Solar Shindig on the event page and download the Solar Shindig step by step guide. 

Things you'll need before your event

Solar Shindig Invite Cards - fill these in and use them as personal invites, or as posters to advertise your event

Solar Shindig Media Release template - use this to help draft a media release about your Solar Shindig

Stand Up for Solar Presentation - need more information? Use this to get your head around the Stand Up For Solar campaign

Things you'll need during your event

Stand Up For Solar pledge signup sheet - use these to take an attendance list at your event

Stand Up For Solar declaration sign - use this sign to declare that your street/neighbourhood/suburb is standing up for solar

Stand Up For Solar individual pledge cards - add some colour to your photo by getting people to hold a pledge card

Stand Up For Solar MP Phone Call Script - use this to help guide your phone conversation with your local MP

Things you'll need after your event

Stand Up For Solar pledge signup return form - use this to type up your attendance list

Solar Shindig Reportback form - use this online form to upload your photos, attendance list, and to tell us how your event and MP phone call went

And remember to have fun!