Help make solar the No. 1 issue in Canning!

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Help make solar the number one election issue at the Canning by-election in WA on 19th September.

With close to half the homes in Canning sporting rooftop pv or solar hot water we know that solar voters can decide the election outcome. According to the latest polling, Canning is on a knife edge. This is our opportunity to send politicians a definitive message that will echo nationwide - we love our solar, and we vote.

We need your help, whether it be simply by putting up a solar message placard in your front yard, being part of a media action, or joining one of our solar phone parties. Here are ways you can get involved:

placards2.jpgGET YOUR SOLAR SIGN

Spread the solar message amongst your friends and neighbours. We've created a range of solar election signs for people to put up in their front yard or shopfront. We're also looking for volunteers to join our distribution teams.

Request your solar sign here.

phoneparty3.jpgSOLAR PHONE PARTIES

Come along for a fun social evening full of great conversations - phoning solar supporters in Canning to talk about how they can help make solar the number one issue at this election. You'll be helping to spread the word and grow the campaign.

Read more and RSVP here.

rallyforrenewables2.jpgRALLY FOR SOLAR

Join the Rally for Solar outside Liberal candidate Andrew Hastie's office on Thursday 17th September, to highlight the huge community support for solar and renewables, and call on our politicians to stand up for solar.

Read more and RSVP here.

Authorised by Claire O'Rourke, Solar Citizens, 338 Pitt Street Sydney, NSW, 2000.