Take a selfie to Stand Up For Solar

Australians love their solar - there's over 5 million of us living under a solar roof! So why not show that love with a solar selfie? It's a great way for decision-makers to put a face to some of those 5 million solar-owners, and the millions more who support getting clean energy from the sun. 

Taking a selfie?

  1. Click to download and print the "Stand Up For Solar" Pledge Card
  2. Hold the pledge card proudly and snap your selfie 
  3. Upload your photo below

Taking a group photo?

  1. Click to download and print a copy of the "Stand Up For Solar" group declaration sign
  2. Get your group together - perhaps it's your family, neighbours or colleagues
  3. Write the name of your group in the space provided e.g. "The Jones Family", "Ramsay Street" or "Coffee Bean Cafe"
  4. Hold the sign up proudly and snap your photo
  5. Upload your photo below

Can't log in? You may need to create an account - it's easy and should only take a couple of minutes. Alternatively, try logging in using facebook or twitter. If you have any trouble, email your photo to info@solarcitizens.org.au with your name, suburb, postcode and why you're standing up for solar.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.

Aimee, Croydon, 2132

I'm a renter, but I want to be a proud solar owner someday soon. Governments need to make solar easier to get for people like me. That's why I'm standing up for solar.

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I believed in renewable energy!

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Alex, Sydney, 2000

I want to see a sun-powered future for Australia.

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Alycia Johnston, Wooloowin QLD 4030

I'm standing up for solar because it helps to create jobs, clean energy and an economically and environmentally sustainable future.

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Ashley, Wulguru 4811

Australia has the highest average solar radiation per square metre of any continent in the world. For our government to choose to ignore this abundant, clean natural resource in favour of fossil fuels is a travesty. Between solar thermal, Solar PV, and other technologies like wind, there is no reason why all of Australia's electricity can't be 100% renewable in the near future. Only vested interests and inertia stand in the way!

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AYCC & Seed

We are the youth climate movement, fighting for a just transition to 100% renewable energy for Australia.

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Barbara Ainsworth Lane Cove NSW 2066

I believe that solar power is the energy of the future

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Ben Brown, Vermont, 3133

I'm standing up for solar because I don't get to vote or choose what happens to our planet. I rely on you humans to keep me safe. Anyway, with the money my people save with their solar installation with battery storage they can buy lots of treats for me!! I want that for doggies everywhere.

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Bermagui Solar Picnic

Pictured are some of those who met for a picnic at Bermagui on Monday to advocate for stronger solar and renewables policies from the Australian Government and the Federal Opposition. The group was addressed by ex senior federal public servant, Heather Kenway, on the current parlous state of Government support for solar and renewables.
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Brian Thomas, Collie, 6225

I am supporting solar because it is blatantly obvious, Tony Abbott is incapable.
Who ever gets my vote next election better have a good renewable energy policy and a re think of solar rebates.
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Brisbane Stands Up For Solar

Brisbane Solar Citizens gathered in New Farm over the weekend to encourage their local political representatives Terri Butler MPGraham Perrett MP and Jim Chalmers MP to Stand Up For Solar at the upcoming ALP National Conference.

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Cairns Climate Action Network

It was with great pleasure that Cairns Climate Action Network (CCAN) partnered with Solar Citizen to hold Australia's first Stand up for Solar Shindig. On the day Event Manager Andy Mack interviewed Rob Pyne MP, Member for Cairns, about Solar Energy, Climate Change and Sea Level Rise. CCAN is pleased to confirm that Mr Pyne is actively working toward Climate Change mitigation through the promotion of Solar Energy.

Photo by Jennifer Frei

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Cheryl Cooper, Glenreagh, 2450

I am absolutely appalled by this Government's behaviour. There are more jobs in renewables and a better future for our grandchildren.

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Conservation Council SA

Conservation Council SA is Standing Up For Solar!

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Courtney, Gladstone, 4680

My friend and I can live with solar ...

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Crafty Solar Shindig in the electorate of Paterson

Tracie and the team sent this photo through to their Local MP Bob Baldwin t let him know they're standing up for solar, and he should too. 

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Darren McClelland, Moonee Ponds 3039

I'm standing up for solar because I believe in harnessing the free clean energy the sun provides, to provide a future for my great nieces and nephews.

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Dawn Jecks, Safety Bay WA, 6169


What's not to love about a clean and unlimited energy source? And solar delivers a triple bottom line outcome - you have got to love it!





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Dominic, East Balmain 2041

Australia has so much more potential for solar energy. We are way behind on large scale solar, and many more people want rooftop solar at home. We need clear policies to help renters, unit owners and low-income families as well as companies to play their part in reducing - even eliminating - our greenhouse gas emissions.

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Dr David Reiter, Carindale

It makes sound economic as well as environmental sense to invest in renewables – especially solar.

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I want a clean energy future

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Earth Hour Australia

To keep Australia great!

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Ecopella Stands Up For Solar in Bundanoon

Singing group "Ecopella" are standing up for solar! They sent through their group photo to local MP Angus Taylor, urging him to do the same.

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Eric, Ainslie 2602

Clean energy is our future and Australia is one of the best placed countries to make it happen.

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Fabio Cavadini & Mandy King 2204

Solar is good - the ALP needs to show leadership on this issue or they remain indistinguishable from the government!

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Fergusson Avenue, Tasmania 7054

Taking advantage of natural Solar Energy to create clean power.

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Geelong Sustainability Group

Geelong Sustainability Group held a very well attended Solar Shindig during the week of action!

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Geoff Linnell, Mt.Martha 3934

If our politicians won't show the way when it comes to tackling climate change, we have to show them that the citizens they represent take it very seriously indeed.  Our future depends on it.

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Glenny family

Because we care about the future

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After a week of rain, the sun came out for the Solar Shindig in Anthony Albanese MP's electorate of Grayndler.

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Greg, Box Hill Vic

Renewable energy is a must!


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Greg Howell

Because it's free, renewable, clean and it looks great in a photo...no no that's photo-voltaic :)

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Helen Kinniburgh, Annerley, 4103

Standing up for solar for many reasons - an industry of the future with many job and business opportunities. Clean energy for our future. All those great researchers, inventors, designers of the new and continually improving technology need to know that we appreciate their efforts to problem solve  and come up with solutions that are environment/planet/human friendly but still allow a great standard of living for us. Energy from the sun makes so much sense and it really is a beautiful way to live.

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Jarren Nylund

I'm standing up for solar because it's free and clean energy just pouring down on us from the sun. We need to stop the coal barons from pushing around our politicians to attack renewables and approve their dirty coal mines.




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Jean Christie, Hawthorn, 3122

I'm standing up for solar to protect our environment and lower my electricity prices.
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Global Warming is about physics and chemistry, so it doesn't matter which political party gets your vote. Over 50% of Australian households already use renewable energy as part of their energy mix. The households of Queensland including 'Bellis,' our home, lead the way in adopting clean, green, sustainable, renewable solar power. It reduces our cost of living! Australian people 'get' the dangers posed by Global Warming and burning fossil fuels, like coal, but governments and big business are letting the game down. Leave coal in the ground, and adopt the 'Zero Emissions Australia' plan:www.zeroemissions.org.au


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Joan Holmes, Glenreagh, 2450

I am 87 tomorrow and want to help save the earth for my grandchildren and great grandchildren.  We have so much sun here and we should use it!

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