Take a selfie to Stand Up For Solar

Australians love their solar - there's over 5 million of us living under a solar roof! So why not show that love with a solar selfie? It's a great way for decision-makers to put a face to some of those 5 million solar-owners, and the millions more who support getting clean energy from the sun. 

Taking a selfie?

  1. Click to download and print the "Stand Up For Solar" Pledge Card
  2. Hold the pledge card proudly and snap your selfie 
  3. Upload your photo below

Taking a group photo?

  1. Click to download and print a copy of the "Stand Up For Solar" group declaration sign
  2. Get your group together - perhaps it's your family, neighbours or colleagues
  3. Write the name of your group in the space provided e.g. "The Jones Family", "Ramsay Street" or "Coffee Bean Cafe"
  4. Hold the sign up proudly and snap your photo
  5. Upload your photo below

Can't log in? You may need to create an account - it's easy and should only take a couple of minutes. Alternatively, try logging in using facebook or twitter. If you have any trouble, email your photo to info@solarcitizens.org.au with your name, suburb, postcode and why you're standing up for solar.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.

The Green Living Centre, Newtown 2042

We want Newtown to embrace solar energy!




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Timothy Scutt, Granville NSW 2142

We need to protect the future of the coming generations. Sustainable living is the answer.




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We stand with Solar Citizens and communities all around Australia in Standing Up for Solar!

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