About Stand Up For Solar

Stand Up For Solar is Solar Citizens' nation-wide campaign for a sun-powered Australia. 

Australians want a sun-powered future. More than 1.3 million Aussie homes are powered by the sun - in fact, 9 out of 10 families are looking to solar as a way to take control of their power bills.

But solar is under threat. Big power companies don’t want this transformation to succeed so they’ve pushed our politicians to make decisions that have set solar and renewables back more than a decade.

It’s time to stand up for solar. We have a positive plan for a sun-powered future but we need your help to reach each and every solar owner and supporter in Australia so our political representatives get on board too.


1. At least 50% renewable energy by 2030

Australians want to see more solar and renewables, not less. A national goal of at least 50% of our energy generated by renewable energy by 2030 will help millions of families go solar, create tens of thousands of jobs and ensure billions in investment for our sunny country.

2. A fair go for solar owners

Going solar should be easy but big power companies simply aren’t playing fair. We want to see an end to discriminatory fees for solar owners, a fair feed in tariff for power fed back into the grid and a specialist solar ombudsman to protect consumers’ rights in every state and territory.

3. Helping households with soaring power bills

The only guaranteed way people can take control of spiralling power costs is by installing solar. We want to see a strong national program to support low-income households and renters switch to solar and help with the rising cost of living.


We want to see every solar owner and supporter in Australia take the pledge to Stand Up For Solar. It's a big job, but if we all pitch in we can make it happen. Here's what you can do to help...

1. Take the pledge to Stand Up For Solar, and be sure to share via social media and email. 

2. Be a good Solar Neighbour - ask your friends, family and neighbours to take the pledge with you.

3. Sign up to be a Solar Champion and work in your community to get our political representatives on board.